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Riding Live with the Instructors – Peloton NYC or London Studios

Are you hitting your milestone or planning to visit NYC or London? How about you make that an opportunity to ride live with your favorite instructor? You will even get an opportunity to take a photo with them for your archives.

As a whole, Peloton offers virtual classes, but there are options for studio classes. The studio classes have a different cost from the virtual classes, and the account you use is also different from the one on your bike.

Are you curious more about the studio classes? Let’s get down to it:

How to Book Peloton Studio Classes

You need to book a studio class in order to secure a slot. And yes, some classes are more populated than others, and it is always on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, you have to make a reservation as early as possible, especially for popular classes. Also, if the class is full, you will be on a waitlist in case someone drops their spot.

Nonetheless, you need to create a new account for your studio class before booking a class, given that it differs from your regular bike account. Fortunately, you can take along your teenager who wants an adventure with you, as Peloton allows anyone over 13 years old on the bike. However, they must also be 4 ft. 11” in order to qualify for the class.

Then, book a Peloton in-studio class. Here(Peloton Studio) is a link you can use you directly book a Peloton class. You will get a list of upcoming classes, so select the class that favors you most.

Furthermore, remember to indicate your bike seat and handle heights so that the staff can customize a studio bike for you.

If you have booked more than one class, you must check in for each class separately. Usually, you will lose your slot for a class you forget to check into, even if you had another class on the same day or under the same payment.

Peloton Studio

How Much are Peloton Studio Classes?

Basically, Peloton studio classes cost $32 per class. However, you will get a discount on your first time, so you only pay $20.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets that allow you to book a Peloton class easily. The tickets are non-specific, so you can secure one or several in anticipation of an opportunity to attend or book a studio class.

Amazingly, the NYC studio has free afternoon classes, though they are drop-in classes. Therefore, you will have to arrive early to secure a place in the class.

What Should I Bring to a Peloton Studio Class?

Most of the things you require for the ride are available in the studio. These include;

  • Look Delta shoes for the Peloton bike
  • Towels
  • Lockers and showers

Note that you won’t be charged any extra cost for any of the above, even the shoes. Also, you can bring your own pair of shoes if you want.

However, you should bring the following;

  • A water bottle
  • Extra cash for drinks and fruits in case you need something to snack on before or after the ride.

What Happens When I Get to the Peloton Studio

Primarily, post-covid entrance to the Peloton studios requires that you show proof of Covid vaccine. The good thing is that even a photo or a soft copy of your vaccine certificate will do.

Most importantly, ensure that you get to the studio early, at least 20 minutes before the start of the class. Unfortunately, some rules indicate that one has to be punctual for a class; otherwise, they lose their class.

Besides, getting to the studio earlier helps acquaint you with the place. There is also an e-waiver that you sign before taking a class. 

Over and above that, you will need to see and test the bike that was customized for you and request any additional adjustments if necessary. There are also rules and requests that the instructor may make just before a class, and it is best you are there to hear them. Besides, you came a long way to meet this instructor, and a physical high five before class makes the class even more enjoyable.

A Peloton Studio Class Experience

I went to a Robin Arzon studio class in NYC studio, which was packed. Actually, when I booked the class, I had to wait on the waitlist before a slot came in for me. I really prayed that I wouldn’t miss it since I only had a couple of days in the city.

Just before the class, she met us, gave random high-fives, and welcomed us to the class. She was all smiley, the cameras don’t lie, and so hyped up for the class that she was infectious.

Shen then told us to keep our phones silent and, if possible, switch them off to avoid distractions. However, we were allowed to take photos after the warm-up, but that was just it until the class was over.

The bike touchscreens are smaller than the home bike tablets, and the information is scattered. There is a Leaderboard, alright, but rather than featuring hundreds to tens of thousands of riders, only a few of us were in the studio. So, we were basically competing against ourselves, just like in a typical gym set-up.

Moreover, I had to limit the number of times I changed my resistance, and I tried to do it more modestly, and so were the rest. We also had to check how we reacted, even in a joke, to avoid distracting the instructor and the virtual audience. Everything was done modestly.

However, the class was the most real thing I ever felt in Peloton, and I would grab a second opportunity, and even a third and more, if I get the chance. The music, the instructor, shouting commands right in front of you, and the physical competition are just so exhilarating.

After the class, a photographer took photos of the attendants with the instructor. We had a good time as members, knowing each other, and I even got a few friends with whom I now ride virtually.

Then, I took a shower at the studio, which was well-equipped for complete grooming. I did not need to since I was going straight to my hotel afterward, but I just couldn’t skip the opportunity to rip a whole experience out of the day.

Across the street was a snack shop, where I grabbed a shake before heading back to my hotel.

Is the Peloton Studio Hot?

Well, I did not feel like the Peloton studio was hot, though the space among the bikes was limited. Actually, if you have luggage you won’t need in class, it will be best to leave it in the lockers. There is plenty of room at the lockers, and I doubt they are ever full.

However, the heat from the exercise is definite, given that there are several of you in the room, each intensely working their ass out.

Wrapping Up

You can pat yourself on the back for loyalty to yourself in terms of fitness by getting a studio ride treat. It is not only an exercise like your home fitness, but an adventure that could start a series of NYC or London trips just for fun in a Peloton studio.

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