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Most Common Orangetheory Class Times And Schedule (Updated-2024)

Generally, most studios have classes starting at 5 a.m. However, some studios start classes as early as 4 am or 4.30 am, while others start as late as 6.30 am to 7 am. The schedule in almost all the studios also changes during weekends, where the studios tend to open at later hours compared to weekdays.

Likewise, the classes differ in the evening. Interestingly, you may have two studios with similar morning schedules but different evening class schedules.

While Orangetheory tends to have similar aspects and characteristics in all the studios, the schedule differs. Actually, two Orangetheory studios in the same town or city could have completely different sets of schedules.

It will vary by location and mostly membership numbers. The more members, the more classes; the fewer members, the fewer classes. You’re crowded studios will often times go back to back classes early in the mornings/late evenings. I’ve heard of some very populated studios going back to back from open to close. My home studio runs about 58 classes per week.

Most Common OTF Class Schedule (My Home Studio Schedule)

I will share with you a template of my regular studio schedule;

Orangetheory Fitness  CLASS SCHEDULE
Monday5:00am (2G) | 6:15am (3G) | 7:30am (2G) | 8:45am (3G) | 10:00am (2G) | 11:15am (Strength/Tread-50) | 12:15pm (2G) | 4:00pm (2G) | 5:10pm (2G) | 6:20pm (Strength/Tread-50) | 7:15pm (2G)
Tuesday5:00am (3G) | 6:15am (2G) | 7:30am (2G) | 8:45am (2G) | 10:15am (2G) | 11:30am (2G) | 4:45 pm (3G) | 6:00pm (Strength/Tread-50) | 7:15 pm (2G)
Wednesday5:00am (2G) | 6:15am (3G) | 7:30am (2G) | 8:45am (2G) | 10:00am (Strength-50/Tread) | 11:00am (2G) | 12:15pm (2G) | 4:30pm (3G) | 5:45pm (2G) | 7:00pm (2G)
Thursday5:00am (2G) | 6:15am (3G) | 7:30am (2G) | 8:45am (2G) | 10:30am (2G) | 12.00pm (2G)| 4:45 pm (3G)| 6:00pm (2G) | 7:15 pm (Strength/Tread-50)
Friday5:00am (2G) | 6:15am (2G) | 7:30am (2G) | 8:45am (3G) | 10:00am (2G) | 11:15am (2G) | 12:30pm (Strength/Tread-50) | 4:00pm (2G) | 5:15pm (2G)
Saturday6:30am (2G) | 7:45am (Strength/Tread-50) | 8:45am(Orange 90) | 10:30am (3G) | 11:45am (2G)
Sunday7:00am (2G) | 8:15am(Orange 90) | 10:00am (3G) | 11:15am (2G) | 12:25pm (Strength/Tread-50)

Note: It is very important that you understand that Orangetheory class times vary between OTF studios.

How Do I See My Local Orangetheory Studio Class Schedule?

Luckily for you, I have simplified the process as shown below;

  • First, you must download and install the Orangetheory app on your phone.
  • You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once you’ve installed the Orangetheory app, you can create your account for free. If you need help creating an account for the first time, click here.
  • After completing creating an account, you will set up your home studio Via tap on “choose home studio.”
  • You will find your local home studio, then set home studio.
  • After the procedure, you will see the (+) button below the app. Tap on the (+) button.
  • Next, you will see a 30-day class schedule that your studio has prepared.
  • Then, you can book the classes that suit your schedule and preference.

Nonetheless, Oranegtheory studios have a first-come-first-serve basis. Therefore, selecting and booking your classes as soon as you see the new schedule is best.

How Long are Orangetheory Classes?

Orangetheory Fitness classes are designed to be a comprehensive 1-hour full-body workout. The workout sequence begins with a 5-minute warm-up, transitions into 50 minutes of varied-intensity training targeting endurance, strength, and power, and wraps up with a 5-minute cool-down and stretching segment to help your muscles relax and recover after the intense activity.

How Do I Book an Orangetheory Class?

orangetheory class schedule

To book your Orangetheory class you will need the Orangetheory Fitness mobile application, you will be able to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you need help signing up for the first time click here.

Now, let’s go to the app to book your classes,

  • you open your Orangetheory app.
  • tap ‘+’ or classes.
  • all classes show your phone screen.
  • Then you choose your class and tap the right side ‘+’.

Types of Orangetheory Classes

Orangetheory Class

There are 4 types of general classes such as,

  1. Orange 2G: The name “2G” stands for “two groups” because the class is divided into two workout groups. One group starts on the treadmill while the other group works on the weight floor/Rower. Each group consists of 12 members, and a total of 24 members are in this class. It is a 60 min class.
  2. Orange 3G: The name “3G” stands for “three groups” because the class is divided into three workout groups. One group starts on the treadmill, one group works on the weight floor, and the third group works on the rower. Each group consists of 12 members, and a total of 36 members are in this class. It is a 60 min class.
  3. Strength 50: The Strength-50 is a weightlifting-focused class that is designed to help individuals build strength and tone their muscles. The class is 50 minutes long and includes a variety of weightlifting exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, and presses.
  4. Orange 90: The Orange 90 class is a 90-minute version of the Orangetheory Fitness class. It is designed for individuals who are looking for a more challenging and intense workout. The class includes longer blocks of time on each station, including the treadmill, rower, and weight floor.

Are All Orangetheory Studios’ Classes the Same Each Day?

Not really. Most studios have different schedules for weekends and weekdays. Others have alternating schedules, with Tuesdays and Thursdays having different schedules from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Also, most studios have morning and evening classes. For example, there may be three to four classes in the morning and three classes in the evening, depending on the studio traffic. 

A good example is as follows: classes start at 5.00 am, followed by a 7.15 am class and another at 8.30 am, all regular Orange 60 classes. In the evening, the classes start at 4.15 pm, then 5.30 pm and finally at 6.45 pm during weekdays. The weekends and some days of the week could have a different schedule.

In another studio, classes may start at 5.30 am, the second at 6.45, the third at 9.00 am, and even a fourth at 10.15 am. The classes start at 4.30 pm in the evening, and another at 5.45 pm on weekdays. Then, during weekends the classes could start at 8 am, and even incorporating Orange 45, which was not available during the weekdays.

Other than the regular schedules, Orangetheory has functions, events, milestones and challenges that will determine that day’s schedule. Such events include Capture the Flag, the Orangetheory Inferno, Orangetheory Everest challenge, among others.


As a whole, the schedule at OTF studios varies depending on location and studio. The schedule may also vary from one month to another or from one year to another. The good news is that the studios always release their schedules at least a month prior. 

Therefore, you can determine the month’s schedule and the classes you want to book.

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Jennifer Lewis

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  1. Any tips to getting to the 5 am class? I live about 20 minutes away but it would make my day a lot easier overall if I worked out in the morning. I haven’t been successful yet though

    • Set your clothes out. Get your clothes ready. Have Burn, towel and water bottle next to your car keys. SET YOUR ALARM!!! I do them daily. Oh and go to bed!

  2. Hey 5 am-ers…. Do you eat or drink anything before class? I wake at 4:20, leave my house at 4:40 so there isn’t much time for digestion (and I’m not hungry at all!!). I usually don’t get hungry/eat until 9am but wondering if I’m sabotaging my workouts and progress by not eating.

    • I’m a registered dietitian and former OTF coach

      It depends on your goal! If your goal is weight loss or maintenance, you can work out fasted (from your glycogen stores from the night before) and then just refuel with a balanced breakfast. On the other hand, If you are trying to optimize performance, such as a benchmark, you will need a simple carb snack for quick easy access to energy. That could be 1/2 banana, handful dried fruit, handful of dry cereal, etc. More on this in the group Orange Nutrition


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