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Orangetheory Transformation Challenge’s Before & After

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge is an 8-week challenge in which you have to attend at least 3 classes per week for 6 out of the 8 weeks.  The challenge is to help you lose body fat.  There are cash prizes for the person who loses the highest percentage of body fat (500$ at my studio, 250$ for 2nd, and 100$ for 3rd).  It’s not pounds or even total body fat, but percentage based.

The transformation challenge at Orangetheory is set annually, usually every January, as an opportunity for members to set personal physical fitness goals. They track their progress and join a team of like-minded individuals. Also, you can set your personal goals for the challenge, which will keep you motivated and committed to completing the challenge.

There is even a reward given to the best three men and the best three women who improve the most, usually by the amount of fat burned within the challenge duration.(The prizes of the Orangetheory transformation challenge vary from studio to studio)

Usually, you are expected to have your body weight and sometimes body fat and muscle scans taken before the challenge begins. Then, the same weight and scanning procedure is done after the challenge to determine the progress.

Does the Orangetheory transformation challenge really work?  Yes, It does. I lost 20 lbs over the 8 weeks! I am blown away with my results and am completely obsessed with OTF! I went 4-5 times a week throughout the transformation challenge. I’ve collected 10 of the most inspiring Orangetheory Transformation Challenge Before and After stories from real members who have transformed their bodies and lives. It will help you get motivated

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge Before and After

10 # Kari Berger

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Kari Berger picture 1

I signed up for the Transformation Challenge this year, it was my second time participating. First time, I only lost 8 lbs. Our region started on the original start date of 1/17/2022. Today and tomorrow are final weigh-in’s. Pulled an all nighter from Hawaii yesterday and landed this morning and went straight from the airport for my final weigh-in.

I was a little disappointed at my weight loss, I am up about 4 lbs. from a week and a half ago (I also understand I just flew from Hawaii to San Antonio in 12 hours), but when I compare the beginning pictures to the final pictures from this morning, I am floored.

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Kari Berger picture 2

Weight loss – ⬇️12.5 lbs

Body fat – ⬇️5.8%

Skeletal Muscle Mass – ⬆️2%

Huge shout out to the coaches at OTF Alamo Ranch and to my dietitian, Randy, with H-E-B for helping me achieve this amazing transformation.

I have 7.5 lbs to make my short term goal, but overall I want to loose 23 lbs to make my goal weight. I have not been this thin in over 30 years. To see the physical transformation in pictures is truly astounding.

I joined OTF June 30, 2020 but started working to get healthier in November 2017 (first two before pictures). I’ve dropped from a size 18 (tight 18 should’ve been a 20) to a size 12 (with one size 10 jeans that are getting a lot bigger).

SW: 255 (OTF June 30, 2020 – Before picture from November 2017 at the same weight)

CW: 209.2 March 12, 2022

9 # Sarah Michelle Johnson

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after picture Sarah Michelle Johnson
Orangetheory transformation challenge Sarah Michelle Johnson's data

8 week Transformation Challenge results are in: ⬇️23lbs ✅✅✅

Consistency is key – both in the kitchen & the gym. Goodbye postpartum/ankle break weight, see ya never 👋👋👋

25 more pounds to go

8 # Niki Husson Roberts

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Niki Husson Roberts picture 1

Today was my final weigh in! My studio, and entire regional area, doesn’t have body scanners so sadly I don’t have scanner results, but that’s ok! 🧡🎉🧡

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Niki Husson Roberts picture 2

I lost 24.2lbs over the 8 weeks! I am blown away with my results and am completely obsessed with OTF! I went 4-6 times a week throughout the transformation challenge, usually at the 4:45am class! I changed my diet to be high protein, moderate to low carbs (mostly in the early morning), and low fat! I meal prepped and ate 3 high protein snacks a day! Most importantly, I increased my water intake to a minimum of a gallon a day!

My end goal is a 1 year challenge, so this is just the tip of the iceberg! I can’t wait to continue my OTF journey!

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7 # Ana Gonzalez Garcia

Transformation challenge :

16lbs down

Gained lots of muscle

6 # Kelly Kirk

I gained 50 lbs. while in shut down during quarantine after having lost 103lbs. with diet and exercise.

When the transformation challenge came in June, I knew I was ready! I wanted the weight off and I wanted to be my fitter self again.

I lost 16 lbs. in those 8 weeks. It was just the beginning, and I knew I wanted more. So, I began the 75Hard a week later.

On Friday, I finished it!!! 🙌Now on to the next challenge, but the main component… OTF 🧡

Pics: Day 1 ➡️Day 75

5 # Kristi Jordan

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Kristi Jordan picture 1
Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Kristi Jordan picture 2

Transformation Challenge:1st day of Week 1 vs. last day of week 4.

4 # Lauren Folkers

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Lauren Folkers picture

Hard to believe I started this journey nearly 3 years ago… 3 years down, nearly 90lbs lost, close to 800 classes taken, and friendships made to last a lifetime. Before the transformation challenge began, I lost sight of the path I wanted to be on.

Orangetheory transformation challenge Lauren Folkers

If it wasn’t for Coach Allison, Katelyn, and Danny from OTF of Orangetheory Fitness Montvale I wouldn’t have been here. Winning this challenge reminded me that with hard work, consistency & dedication you can accomplish anything! Orange Theory thank you for giving me the motivation, strength, and accountability I needed. I’ll be a member for life. Always remember where you started

3 # Naomi Hopkins

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after Naomi Hopkins picture

First time poster, long time OTF member.

Started the process to get gastric bypass in 2021 at 340 pounds. After 4 of the 6 months required I decided to cancel the surgery. After watching two of my sisters walk through gastric bypass. I know the daily struggles they have almost twenty years out from their surgery. While it can save lives I really wanted to figure out why I struggled so much with not using food as a coping/punishment mechanism. Worked insanely hard in therapy and working through some extreme trauma that was directly effecting my weight and body image. Working daily on using food as fuel and not a way to control, punish or reward. Re-joined OTF after a major knee surgery and slowly started working up to 4-5x a week… and let’s be honest a lot more therapy. I am fortunate to have a studio that is truly like family and has encouraged the heck out of me. Shout out Orangetheory Fitness Woodstock and Rania Kurdi Marx

Orangetheory transformation challenge Naomi Hopkins

Fast forward a year and a half later, it has been a long term goal to give 110% for a transformation challenge. Winning has always been a bucket list item, not sure if that will happen. But I know I gave it everything. And I can honestly say I left everything on the table and also paired this with the 75 hard challenge. A little over 100 pounds down since Fall of 2021 and cannot wait to continue this journey.

No matter the outcome the last eight weeks have challenged me, and I am excited to get back in a grove after such a great kickstart to 2023. Even though I didn’t want to I am so glad I took photos on the first day of the transformation challenge, because it’s easy to not see the change.

2 # Jean Mathurin

Back in 2021 I did the Transformation Challenge at @otfnewburgh and it completely changed my life.

I lost 30lbs, muscle mass went up and my body fat percentage went down.

The challenge kick started my transformation!

Not only did I lose weight my stress and anxiety was also reduced and OTF had everything to do with that.

I committed to working out 3/4x weekly and changing my eating habits.

The Transformation Challenge is back and starts next Monday January 16th.

You Got This!

1 # Jillian Bockstahler

I’ve been wanting to share my OTF Transformation Challenge fitness journey and how I lost 19.9% of my body weight so here it is…. It’s a long story, but if you’re interested, here’s the down and dirty of it 😉

Even since I had my youngest, almost 5 years ago, my body truly hasn’t felt the same. Having the first two kids in my twenties made for easier recoveries… But that third C-Section, this time in my thirties, created havoc on my ability to get myself back in shape. And it wasn’t for lack of trying… I was doing everything the same I had done before. Moderate exercise and healthy eating 🤷🏼‍♀️But it didn’t work this go around. I was older and my hormones were fighting back now. My metabolism wasn’t that of a kid who could drink a big gulp and crush a burger and fries at 2am anymore… reality bites.

Orangetheory transformation challenge before and after picture Jillian Bockstahler

Fast forward to 2020… we all know how tough this past year was. Between the stress of the unknown, VIRTUAL LEARNING, 5pm cocktails, and the much too convenient services of DoorDash… my health and wellness took a backseat to it all. I became complacent about working out and fueling my body with nutritional meals. We were on quarantine along with the rest of the world just trying to get through the days together the best we knew how… And for me and my love language … it’s baking 🍪🧁🍩

But, with all this, I didn’t FEEL good anymore. I didn’t feel like ME. So when I tell you I became overweight you’ll scoff at me as most people did (and still do)… You might tell me I looked great, which I did, I know that, I don’t have body issues and I know there are others who struggle with themselves more than I ever have… I’m not trying to declare I was “overweight” in a true sense, but I was definitely NOT in a healthy place. I got a lot of “you can’t possibly have any pounds to lose”… But the thing is… I am an athlete. I am a competitor. I am the girl others look to for health and wellness advice. But, I was so unhappy with myself…. I am someone that knows how to dress my body. Spanx are basically my best friend. I started wearing cute high waisted boyfriend jeans and retro bathing suits. It worked for me. I just didn’t feel my most confident though. And that, over anything, is what I set out in search of! 💪🏼🍊❤️

When I started back at Orange Theory Fitness several months ago I was getting into my peak physical shape. By this I don’t mean I was losing weight… My endurance levels were way up. My strength was making a slow, but steady, comeback. I had energy from the workout that spilled over into the beautiful chaos of my day to day. I was feeling fantastic mentally and that created a change in me. I was so incredibly proud to be running 40 plus miles a month when I realistically ran (maybe) 10 in the total of my lifespan prior! Then… January 2021 all five of us got Covid-19. It trickled through each of us about two days apart starting with Michael and I and then the kids… causing a quarantine situation that lasted over 3 weeks. 😷

When I returned to OTF several weeks later I discovered I had long haul Covid side effects. This meant that my heart and my lungs were significantly struggling and at times I could hardly catch my breath. I went from running a 9 minute mile to power walking. A few exercises on the weight floor put my heart rate in the RED zone when everyone else was still at a resting heart rate. This was not easy for me. I felt depressed and down on my athletic capabilities… or lack there of I should say. This wasn’t me. I’m not the one in the gym that has to do the modified version of an exercise. I shouldn’t have to walk after a 30 second run just to be able to stop my heart from beating out of my chest! Push-ups don’t take my breath away… like I said, reality bites. But this was my NEW reality.

So, I had to give myself some grace. Easing back into it all one day at a time. I was determined to recondition my heart and my lungs! With each passing workout I could feel myself getting better but it was in very small doses and I had to take those as a win. Mid February the Orange Theory Transformation Challenge started. It was just what I needed to kick it all up and into high gear! 8 weeks of committing to working out at least 3 days a week and keeping a food journal. Which, can I just tell you now… I loathe logging my food 🙄It might be one of the most stressful and annoying things to possibly do relating to food and it drove me crazy every time I had to “create a recipe”… BUT, that was part of the process and I did what needed to be done.

Here’s what you really want to know… what did I do in that 8 week challenge that changed my life, right?! 💥💥💥

First… a TON of research! I needed to know why someone my age was not losing weight like I used to. What was causing this?! I came across the topic of Metabolic Confusion. It fascinated me… this was the reason I could NOT drop those extra LB’s like I used to! Most women think that a low cal/low carb diet with consistent exercise will do the trick (I know I did because it worked for me before)… but as we get older our bodies respond in different ways. So, by having ONLY those low cal/low carb days my body went into battle with itself. Almost like a starvation mode for its own survival. I wasn’t burning fat I was storing it! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I had to change my mindset. I switched right away to 4 days of low cal/low carb not exceeding 1500 calories a day. Then on day 5 I allowed myself a high cal/high carb day that could exceed 3,000+ calories, and not watching my carb intake… I consumed deserts, drinks, and just relaxed. The following day I was right back at my low cal/low carb day, followed by one more 3,000+ day. I had to metabolically CONFUSE my own metabolism. I did this for the first 7 weeks of the challenge. In that last week I I changed it up. I tried to deplete as much of that water retention and sodium that I could. So I started with 2 gallons of water a day and cut back 1/2 a gallon a day until my final weigh in. But even on my lowest water day I was still taking in about 50-60oz of water. The last 4 days I only consumed salmon, tilapia, brown rice, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and green beans… but LOTS of it! As I was working out 4-6 days a week (sometimes on two week not stop streaks) I had to keep my calories above that 1500 mark… And I felt amazing!

Now, the true component of this journey are my workouts. Orange Theory Fitness is and always will be the reason I am where I am today! In just 60 minutes I get a FULL body workout. And it literally changes every single day. No two workouts will ever be the same. Some days were endurance. Some strength. Some power. And some days were a combination of the three. I basically had a personal trainer in a group of 16 or more people that was coaching me in my every move. I didn’t have to plan my workouts. I didn’t have to think about it AT ALL. There they were… just ready for me to step in and give it my all. Up on the screen of each class I could keep track of my heart rate, my calories burned, distance ran, and splat points (if you get at least 12 per class you continue to burn calories for another 36 hours after)… and when I was done and got home all that information was saved on my OTF app. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that.

But along with joining Orange Theory Fitness I because a part of something. I was in a community of people that were working for their health just like I was. We were all trying to gain more life and encouraging each other to do so everyday, every workout. We became a team. We were friends. 💪🏼🍊❤️

I’ve learned so much about myself and what I’m capable of. I realized that heavy weight for women is crazy important… And NO it won’t give you insane “manly” muscles. We have to embrace this information because, as women, strong bones and muscles are key to our health and wellness. LIFT those weights, cardio alone is NOT enough. And when it comes to eating, Whole Foods are always best but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living… enjoy those high days! Let yourself partake without guilt. You’re actually doing your metabolism a favor 👏🏼

Last thing you should know is I was consistent with my supplements. Arbonne Pea Protein was a huge part of my day to day along with their line of Green Tea Energy Fizz. I mixed in Arbonne Greens and Multivitamin Powder with each shake. I also took Alaya Collagen Capsules as I hated all the powder versions. And the last thing I took daily was CBD capsules. I’m a firm believer that the combination of all these things helped my heart and lungs recover at a faster pace. 🙌🏻

Now, full disclosure, this is what worked for ME. I’m not a trainer, a nutritionist, or a health advice expert in ANY way, shape, or form… my journey is my own. If it helps you though, GREAT!!!

My breakdown:

February 15th 137.6 lbs, 29.4% body fat, 40.2 lbs mass body fat

March 12th 125.6 lbs (no body scan)

April 10th 110.2 lbs, 19.7% body fat, 21.7 lbs mass body fat

*Special shout out to the entire staff and coaches at OTF Marana AND Tucson surrounding studios, and of course my amazing friends and family for the support and encouragement along the way


The transformation challenge is the best option for people who want to lose weight with Orangetheory since the long duration required for attendance bears exercise discipline. One of the most notable winners of the challenge, Phil Matz, lost 25% of his total body mass during the transformation challenge! Who knows what wonders you may bring if you participate? You may break Matz’s record!

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