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Can You Buy a Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

Orangetheory has excellent gym exercises, which are heart rate zone centred. However, this also means that a heart rate monitor, while not necessary, is an essential part of the classes. Sadly, the new heart rate monitors in Orangetheory are pretty expensive, especially with the high subscription cost. OrangeTheory sells them, and they may also be available to rent.

Can You buy a used orange theory heart rate monitor? Yes, you can buy a used Orangetheory heart rate monitor. You can look up on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, and even among local Orangetheory members.

Is a Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Good?

Yes, it is. As mentioned above, the heart rate is quite an important aspect of Orangetheory classes. Sadly, only Orangetheory heart rate monitors and, lately, the Apple Watch with OTBeat Link sync to the Orangetheory screens. Therefore, in order to get the full experience, one of these heart rate monitors will be necessary.

Typically, the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are commendable for their durability and high quality. For this reason, one can be confident getting a used heart rate monitor.

As long as the heart rate monitor is well-maintained, it will still work as well as a new one in Oranegtheory. All you need to do is talk to the studio staff so that they can reset the heart rate monitor for you.

And, you will save on cost while getting the same experience you would with a $100 heart rate monitor at half the price or so.

Where to Buy Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

You can consider different places to get the used Orangetheory heart rate monitor. Lucky for you, most former users put them up for sale, given that they are still technically functional.

  • Facebook platform; you can check the Orangetheory Facebook group or google ‘used Orangetheory heart rate monitor’ to get to a selling platform.
  • eBay: eBay is safer than Facebook or Craigslist and offers an excellent selling platform. Most people get their used heart rate monitors from this site.
  • Craigslist: with Craigslist, you can at least get a heart rate monitor closer home compared to Facebook and eBay. Thus, you will save on shipment costs and at least get to see the heart rate monitor’s condition physically.
  • Friends and relatives: if you have friends, relatives or neighbours who go or were in Orangetheory, you can ask them about a used piece. They could be selling theirs or could know of people who want to sell the heart rate monitors.

Which Things Should You Consider Before Buying a Used OTF Heart Rate Monitor?

It is always worth remembering that the used heart rate monitor does not equate to a new one in most cases. Well, if you get one that has been used less than 5 times, you should feel lucky.

Therefore, you have to put spoke factors into consideration before getting the heart rate monitor:

  • The condition of the heart rate monitor: ensure that you check the condition of the heart rate monitor before accepting the deal. If the seller is close to you, you can meet them to see the piece. If not, you can get into a video call and get them to wear the heart rate monitor, connect with OTF’s fitness app, and see it work from their end.
  • Cost: while the used heart rate monitor is not as expensive as a new one, it is still more expensive than cheaper models. Therefore, be prepared to spend approximately $50 to $75 for the Orangetheory heart rate monitor.
  • Hygiene: while Orangetheory straps would be a good saving, they are removable. This means that you can change them for new ones, at least for the sake of hygiene. New straps also add an elegant look to the second-hand heart rate monitor, which makes it appear close to new.
  • Cost of shipment: ensure that you factor in the shipment cost as you go for a heart rate monitor. This consideration saves you from having to spend close, similar or even more than the cost of a new heart rate monitor. Essentially, the gross cost, that is, the cost of the heart rate monitor and the cost of getting it to you, should be worth the used product.
  • Your safety: unfortunately, the source of the used heart rate monitor is not as trustworthy as Orangetheory Studios, especially if they are strangers. Therefore, you are prone to be lied to and even robbed in the process of getting the heart rate monitor. Thus, you should always be careful, especially with transactions.

Final Thoughts

So yes, you can buy a used Orangetheory heart rate monitor. They are almost always on sale, given that the chain of gyms has collected large numbers of people across the world.

Therefore, if all you want is your name on the Oranegtheory screens and you have all you longed for in the gym at minimal cost, the used HRM option is great.

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