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7 Best Peloton Strength Instructors; for Beginners to Advanced

Most People join Peloton for cardiovascular exercises, especially bike and treadmill exercises. I am guilty as charged, but I also have my defence! I learned about Peloton strength training while looking for cycling classes, and I loved them. Among the many pecks, you receive from Peloton strength classes are the professional yet friendly instructors on the platform.

It is quite challenging to rank the strength instructors on Peloton, given that they all bring different personalities that make the classes worth revisiting on the on-demand section. And while I have my recommendations, Peloton is much more interesting if you explore the wide range, even with instructors.

Who is the Best Trainer for Beginners?

I always recommend the Beginners strength program if you are new to strength training in general. Olivia and Matty run that one. Total Strength 1 & 2 program are the next steps up with Andy Speer.

You have a Monthly Strength Stack found under the “Collections” tab as well

Choosing these options is good when you’re just starting out and overwhelmed by choices. decision fatigue is real!

7 Best Peloton Strength Instructors

Below is a summary that will help you skim through the best Peloton strength instructors if you are in a hurry;

InstructorBest ForExpertise in a Particular Type of workout
Jess Sims  Beginner, intermediate, full body, bike Bootcamps, short workouts, weight training, Bodyweight, upper body, lower body, Full body strength, back, chest and core strengthArms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Andy Speer  Intermediate, full body, weight training, bodyweight, upper body,lower body, core, tread Bootcamps, resistance bandsArms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back), chest, core(core, obliques), legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips), shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Adrian Williams  Intermediate, full body, bodyweight, upper body,lower body, core, weight trainingArms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Robin Arzon  Prenatal, postnatal,  advanced, Intermediate, full body, core, postnatal core, weight training, body weight Arms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Rebecca Kennedy  intermediate, advanced, full-body, bodyweight, core, Tread Bootcamp, Upper body, lower body, strength for runners,Arms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Matty Maggiacomo   Beginner, intermediate,  Full body, Bodyweight strength, core, upper body, lower body Arms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)
Selena Samuela  Intermediate, full body, glutes and legs, weight training, bodyweightArms(Biceps,triceps,forearms), Back(lats, mid back, low back),chest,core, legs(glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips),shoulders(shoulders, traps)

You can find Peloton strength classes under the categories of strength, stretching and bike/ tread Bootcamp. The training is not only great for biking and running strength but also for general muscle-building and endurance. Among the instructors, you will love the journey with include the following;

1. Jess Sims

Jess Sims - Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Jess Sims seems to be a favourite of everyone taking strength training classes, bringing love and passion to the exercise. She is my favourite bike Bootcamp instructor, majorly because she has a way around making me do all the reps even when I don’t feel like it is possible.

Trained and having practised as a teacher before Peloton, Jess brings in the aspect of getting her class to get to the right form and encouraging them to do a minimum of exactly what the whole class entails.

2. Andy Speer

Andy Speer  - Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Andy Speer is an amazing strength training initiator with his two popular strength training programs, Total Strength with Andy and Total Strength with Andy 2. One of the primary reasons people will go for cardio instead of strength training is the fear of doing it wrong. With these two programs, you will get past this anxiety.

On top of that, he loves fitness as part of his life, and he will get you the same notion. And when you are able to view strength training as your strength, every rep comes down with power, and any number of squats with weights feel like part of a journey.

3. Adrian Williams

Williams is not just in love with Peloton strength training; he loves the package that comes with helping impact people’s lives. He is great with beginner and intermediate classes that border on the higher extremes. 

William’s training style is that you do prominent reps but target each muscle in a way that will get you feeling it. Despite the challenging exercises, he subjects the class, Williams insists that you keep a smile on your face. Amazingly, you will still do it because he has humour that gets you wanting to extend the smile into a peal of laughter.

4. Robin Arzon

Robin Arzon- Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Robin is one of the Peloton instructors who curse and get you using curse words during a class because her classes bring in a mixed feeling of high and low intensity. But that is not all with Arzon;

If you are pregnant or just had your bundle of joy, you will enjoy Arzon’s speciality prenatal and postnatal classes, which she prepared in the same condition you are in. The classes not only help you get a fitness routine despite your condition, but they are also gentle. Most importantly, they help walk the journey with you in the most understanding manner you would prefer.

5. Rebecca Kennedy 

Rebecca Kennedy- Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Rebecca Kennedy is more challenging than she looks, and just a peep into a 10-minute class with her, and you will agree with me. For this reason, I prefer that you take a class with her if you are an intermediate or advanced trainee.

Whether it is with weights, core or bodyweight training, Rebecca never goes easy on her class. However, she remains the best for getting those coveted abs you want so bad or that your upper body must be sculpted for you to feel better.

6. Matty Maggiacomo

Matty Maggiacomo- Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Matty is my go-to strength instructor for beginners. He has both English and German classes, and his classes are well-rounded for multiple options. He will have your back if you have weights or would rather start off with bodyweight training.

Most importantly, he has an eye for the small mistakes beginners make in strength training.  He also bares with his class, while the exercises are pretty manageable.

If you are recovering from an injury or are a senior with health conditions, you will also find Matty’s classes really effective, especially the stretch options.

7. Selena Samuela

Selena Samuela - Peloton Strength Instructor
image source: instagram

Selena Samuela is a top favourite for strength users on Peloton. She has impressive upper body classes, and her lower body training is among the most popular. I loved her from cardio shadowboxing, then followed her into strength training, where she still rocks.

Selena concentrates on the muscles her class focuses on in an excellent manner, leaving no stone unturned. You will get your muscles and joints to move in a manner you never imagined was necessary for exercise, getting you all warmed up and then kicking your ass regardless of where the muscles belong. The best part is that you will thank her creativity and guts in the long run.



Are there strength classes on Peloton?

Yes, there are. Peloton has a whole category dedicated to strength training, which involves the upper body, lower body, full body, core, pilates, and barre, among others.

Does Peloton strength training involve weights?

Yes, Peloton strength training involves weights where necessary. These include upper body, lower body, core and full-body strength training classes. However, there are also bodyweight classes, where weights are not a necessity. Examples are barre, pilates, and bodyweight strength, among others.

Can you train for weight-lifting with Peloton?

No, you can’t. While Peloton has exceptional strength with weight classes, it is not great for weight-lifting training. The weights used in class are usually just for fitness and not as heavy as required for weight lifting professionals.

Who is the Toughest Peloton Instructor?

Andy Speer is the toughest male Peloton instructor, while Rebecca Kennedy and Jess Sims nail it for the female trainers. 

Final Thoughts

Peloton has strength training classes, and the instructors are just as excellent and popular as Peloton. You can start with the recommended instructors, who will definitely get you hooked on the exercises, if not the platform. Regardless of your target area, you will always have a professional trainer on Peloton willing to walk it through with you.

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