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Can You Bring a Guest to Orangetheory? – Guest Pass Policy

Sure, you can bring a friend to Orangetheory. However, depending on the studio, the cost and lack of it may vary. 

In general, Orangetheory offers free classes to first-time guests that are from the locality. The goal of the free class is to encourage the individual to join that specific studio, should they consider a membership.

For non-local user: Brought my out of town friend last week who use to go to OTF and she just had to fill out the studio paperwork and pay the drop-in rate of $28. Orangetheory studio always allow people to drop-in, even if they aren’t a member. it’s just $28/class.

Besides that, Orangetheory occasionally sends out emails to members containing guest pass gifts. With the guest pass, members can bring a guest to the studio for free or at a lower cost.

Does OTF Offer Guest Pass?

Yes, Orangetheory offers guest passes. In almost all studios, new members get at least a couple of guest passes, which allow them to bring along a friend or family member. For first-time guests, the guest pass offers a free class at Orangetheory.

Other than the sign-up guest pass package, members occasionally get one or more guest passes at OTF. These passes may allow free guest entry or guests at drop-in rates, usually $28. The best part is that if there is a drop-in rate attached, the guest gets a free studio heart rate monitor, hence getting a whole OTF experience.

Is There a Guest Pass I Can Acquire If I Want to Bring Family while on Vacation?

The guest pass rights are not in the Orangetheory policy, so getting one is usually a privilege. Your studio may allow guest passes at request, while others let you wait until guest pass offers are available. For this reason, you will have to consult with the customer care desk in the studio to confirm the rules on the ground. 

The positive side is that you may get lucky with a guest pass, which allows you to bring your family for free. However, if you don’t get one, you will be allowed to bring in your family at a low drop-in rate just as Orangetheory members, usually $28.

Also, your family is assured of a free class even without a guest pass if their driving license or place of employment proves they reside locally. If people have relocated recently, they’ll allow with proof of local-ness. Again, this is nearly all. Not all. If not, the $28 cost should do for being your guest(s).

What Are The Requirements for the Member’s Guest?

The main requirement for a member’s guest at OTF is proof of address like driver’s license or place of employment, especially if they are local and will benefit from a free first-time class. However, if the guest if from out of town, all they need is for the member to acknowledge the guest. Then, the guest will get a drop-in rate, which is lower than if the guest came in on their own.

Oh! I almost forgot; before bringing in a guest, you have to confirm with the studio that the class has space for an extra person. This will ensure that your guest gets to join you for the class without any hindrances. Also, you must arrive at the studio before the class for your guest to fill in the required paperwork before class.

Orangetheory provides the heart rate monitor in some studios for free and in others at a low cost. 

Finally, the guest has to be in gym attire because they will take a class just like other members in the studio.

Wrapping Up

Can you bring a guest to Orangetheory? Yes, you can. Oranegtheory has a guest pass policy that ensures all new members get a couple or more guest passes. Occasionally, members also get guest passes that allow them to bring in friends and family for free or at a lower cost.

Also, remember that OTF studios offer free first-time classes to local guests, encouraging locals to try out the classes.

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