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How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership? (Policy & Fee)

You can freeze or pause your Orangetheory membership whenever you need a break or medical or military leave. The freeze period allows you to maintain your OTF membership while not having to pay the full cost of the membership.

However, the Orangetheory freeze period has limitations on both ends. Typically, you can only freeze your OTF account for a minimum period of 30 days and a maximum period of 60 days. However, the maximum period varies depending on the location and reason for freezing the account (if it’s medical/pregnancy your studio manager can approve for longer). (we had to freeze our sister’s account due to medical reasons/she has a doctor’s note of explanation.  Every 60 days the freeze is re-evaluated and has been extended.)

Policy and Fee for Freeze or Pause Orangetheory Membership

The policy indicates a minimum period of 30 days and a maximum period of 60 days, some franchise management will allow a more extended period.

Generally, the policy further states that one can only freeze their account for a maximum of two times per year, especially if the case is non-medical.

However, there is a fee attached to freezing the OTF account. All across the studios, the fee is $15, regardless of the membership plan. The rates for putting the account on hold only apply to non-medical and non-military circumstances.

The fee will not apply if you have a document proving that you need to pause the account for medical or military purposes; the fee will not apply.

Note: You cannot cancel your Membership whilst it is on hold.

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The best part about putting the gym account on hold as opposed to cancellation is that you will not have to start from scratch when you are back. Also, you will not have to pay a higher rate which the studio may have by the time you are back. The best part of the deal is that you will get a waiver of your membership fees once you are back for the remaining days you did not spend on your membership just before the freeze period. For example, if you froze the account 10 days before your next billing time, you will get 10 days extra days off your bill when you are back.

How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership

There are two ways of freezing the Orangetheory membership as follows;

1. Manually Filing Paperwork

Manual paperwork is the most effective and acceptable method of pausing the Orangetheory membership. 

First, you should visit your home studio, where you fill in the manual paperwork. Once you fill in the form, it is scanned and documented. 

Then, you will pay the freeze fee, which is approximately $15, and that will be all. Generally, you can freeze your membership for medical reasons with a doctor’s note without any additional fees. 

The best part of this method is that you will leave the studio with the assurance that your freeze application is successful.

2. Online Method

In this case, you will need to call the studio, asking whether they allow for online pausing. If they do, you will tell them about your plans, and they will send you an email with the freeze document to sign. Once you sign it, you should send it back to them. They will call to tell you of the approval of the freezing application. Click here for Find Your Local Studio Phone Number.

How Does Freezing Your Account Work?

Freezing the account basically saves you from getting charged the full amount of the gym membership when you are on break. It also ensures that you maintain your membership costs when you are back from your break.

Usually, when you freeze the account, your billing date is also pushed forward, especially if you unfreeze the account before 30 or 60 days of freezing the membership is done. This means that you will get some free days before the next billing day.

During the time that your membership is frozen, the app will not allow you to schedule classes. Whenever you check your account in the application, it might say something like “classes remaining: 0 class pack classes.”

Note: When you attempt to use the app to book classes for after your freeze has ended, it will probably prompt you to pay the drop-in charge. In this case, you shouldn’t pay the charge. Call your studio and request that they schedule classes for you.

How to Reactivate Your OTF Membership?

In most cases, you only apply for 30-day or 60-day freeze periods. Once the period is over, your billing will resume as normal on your regular billing days. Therefore, you will not need to reactivate your account, as it is automatic.

However, there are times when you want to go back to the gym before the period is over, hence the need to reactivate your account. Then, you can call your local OTF studio and inform them of your plans to unfreeze the account before the due dates. 

The studio will bring your billing dates to the date you unfreeze the account, which is likely earlier than before.

Once the billing date is adjusted, your account is successfully reactivated, and you can go back to the gym.

Why Would You Freeze Instead of Cancel the OTF Membership If There’s an Attached Cost?

There are several reasons why freezing the account works better than canceling the account at Orangetheory, despite the cost attached. Let’s have a look;

  • Usually, freezing the account allows you to retain your Orangetheory membership charges. If there are any increments in the cost, you will not suffer from the higher cost even after a freeze period. However, if you cancel the Orangetheory membership, you will be considered a new member next you are back, subject to new membership costs.
  • The freeze cost is way low compared to the monthly charges. Therefore, if you just want to maintain your account, it is better to freeze it than to pay the full amount.
  • If you pause the account, you will evade the hustle of starting all over again, especially if you hate it as much as I do. Therefore, the cost becomes worth it in the long run.
  • Last but not least, there is a time limit to freezing an OTF account. Therefore, it keeps you on your toes and gets you back on exercise even if you feel rather lazy.


How long can you freeze a membership?

30 or 60 days, unless it’s medical/pregnancy your studio manager can approve for longer.

If I Have an Injury and Have to Freeze My OTF Account, Do I Need a Doctor’s Note?

Yes, you do. Remember that if you have a medical reason to freeze your account, the studio will not charge you the freeze fee. On that note, the best way to prove that you actually deserve the medical freeze time is by providing a doctor’s note or prescription.

However, if you just request that they freeze your account without a doctor’s note, you will have to pay the pausing fee, even if you actually have the injury.

How Much Does It Cost to Freeze Orangetheory Membership?

In general, it costs $15 to freeze an Orangetheory membership. However, the exact cost has an attached tier depending on the specific studio.

However, it is free to freeze the Orangetheory account if you have a medical or military reason. Therefore, regardless of your freeze period, your account will not be charged as long as you are on leave for either of these reasons.

Wrapping Up

You can always freeze or pause your Orangetheory Fitness membership whenever you need some time off the gym. OTF terms and conditions indicate that you can actually freeze your account twice a year, each time with a maximum period of 60 days and a minimum period of 30 days.

A fee is usually attached to freezing an account, which is charged for the month the account is on freeze time. However, the freeze fee does not apply if you are ill or on military duty.