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Is Orangetheory Unlimited (Orange Premier) Worth it?

Orangetheory Unlimited is worth it if you can manage more than eight classes monthly at Orangetheory. However, it is not worth it if you already have another gym membership, will strain to pay the cost, or can manage alternative free exercises such as outdoor running or indoor workouts.

In general, the unlimited membership at Orangetheory offers access to unlimited classes at OTF, which means you have daily access to the gym. However, it is also the most expensive membership option, so is it really worth it? Let’s find out!

But first;

Orangetheory Membership Plans

Orangetheory has a spectrum of class fee rate options to accommodate as many groups of people as possible. All the rates vary depending on the location and the studio, but I will give approximate rates you can work with;

They include the following;

  • Drop-in rates (mostly $28 per class)
  • Membership packages;
  • The basic package (4 classes a month and costs approximately $69)
  • Elite package (8 classes a month and cost approximately $109)
  • Premier Package (unlimited classes per month and cost approximately $169)
  • Session packages, which are viable for a whole year;
  • 10 classes ($199)
  • 20 classes ($359)
  • 30 classes ($499)

Why is Orangetheory Unlimited Subscription worth it?

The unlimited subscription is also known as the Orange Premier subscription and is the most expensive monthly subscription at OTF. Despite being the most costly, it is also the most beneficial to OTF members.

It is totally worth it if you’re going to the gym and not making excuses not to go! Use it! If you’re paying for it and not going, then you’re wasting your money!

For example, if we were to go with the $169 rate and a member would attend all 30 classes a month, this would translate to a rate of $5.7 per class. However, this matt is not achievable, especially considering that one would require recovery days. However, an active member taking at least 20 classes a month would still benefit from a rate of $8.45 per class. This is a rate that none of the other packages will offer in OTF.

Moreover, Orangetheory finally has strength training classes incorporated into its schedule. Therefore, one can consider taking at least two strength classes a week to alternate with the regular Orange 60 classes, which are cardio-oriented. 

With strength and cardio classes in place, OTF has increased the benefits of having an unlimited membership. After all, one can comfortably rely on Orangetheory for all their fitness benefits instead of getting two gym memberships.

Is the Orangetheory Unlimited Membership Too Expensive?

The unlimited membership at Orangetheory is very expensive, especially for a monthly subscription. While the breakdown indicates favorable per class, the bulk amount can be overwhelming.

Also, it is possible to get cheaper gym alternatives that will supplement fewer Orangetheory classes, bringing the overall individual cost of fitness down. For example, members can opt for basic and elite classes, then get strength gym memberships that cost approximately $20. The overall cost will still be less than the cost of an unlimited subscription.

On the other hand, it is more convenient to only have one gym membership, in this case, unlimited membership, for optimal benefits.

Most importantly, the unlimited membership pushes you to go for exercise for as many days as possible, which will give you the worth of your money. 

Therefore, one would have to weigh the benefits and costs of the unlimited membership at Orangetheory to decide on its worth.

Final Thoughts

So, is Orangetheory unlimited membership worth it? Well, the answer is quite biased. On the plus side, the membership allows you a single wholesome fitness membership. The cost is inexpensive for people who work out longer, hence getting better rates.

However, as a bulk cost, it is expensive, and members can still find cheaper alternatives to an unlimited membership.

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